What our clients said about ZeroAds


"Absolutely hate the ads popping up when I'm trying to search and look at something online. While scrolling a site, I came across the ZeroAds and I’m completely satisfied with the results. There’s not even a single ad that I recall for the past 300 days! I definitely recommend it."

Liam N.

"Initially, I was a little hesitant to install ZeroAds. However, now I feel so glad to do it! I’m really grateful to ZeroAds for blocking all of those irritating ads."

George S.

"After installing ZeroAds, I have zero ads popping up here and there and following me around the internet. Moreover, my browsing experience has become so much faster!"

Jacob Stevens.

"I added ZeroAds to all of my family’s PC as a gift to all of them and upgraded to the Quarterly Plan. They all call it the best gift they have ever received! There’s nothing more divine than getting rid of those annoying ads after all!"


"I upgraded to the ZeroAds monthly plan and quite satisfied with it. It’s been just three months of using their service and it has blocked more than 100k ads already! Such a lifesaver!"

Charlie L.

"Unnecessary ads following me around everywhere online felt so creepy! ZeroAds has helped me to stop these annoying ads from tracking me. Feel so relaxed now!"

Jennifer W.

"I’am the resident ‘IT Guy’ at my small business. I’m always looking out for better options for my team. Came across ZeroAds and instantly upgraded to the annual plan for all of the workstations at the office. It saves so much time and hassle from the irritating pop-up ads and has made me a hero since then!"

James W.

"This is simply amazing! Someone really came up with this astonishing blocker that truly blocks all annoying ads. Wish they could also block spam calls as well!"

Poppy M.

"I just can’t believe how amazing ZeroAds work! Since its installation, I haven’t witnessed a single annoying ads popping up."

Wendy C.

"I just hate it when loud, unnecessary ads start playing in my shared office. It’s so embarrassing as well as annoying! Installing ZeroAds has helped me to browse peacefully without distracting my coworkers from the noise."

S. Oliver.

"After installing the extension of ZeroAds, my PC runs so smoothly as it’s not trying to load many ads on each page. The time I now save is worth the monthly cost. Plus No More ANNOYING ADS!"

Harry B.

"Earlier this year, I fell victim to an ad scam. Thanks to ZeroAds which my friend installed on my computer, I can now go online without stressing about getting taken advantage of again"

Emily S.